Meghan Garrity

PhD Student | Political Science

Meghan Garrity is a Political Science PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research interests include forced migration, ethnic conflict, nationalism, genocide, and human rights. Her dissertation, “Disorderly and Inhumane: Explaining 100 Years of Mass Expulsion,” investigates why and how governments expel unwanted populations.

The project takes a longue durée approach, identifying variation in expulsion patterns in the century after 1912. It explains the motivations behind governmental decisions to expel as well as the enabling conditions that facilitate expulsion and the constraining conditions that prevent its use.

Garrity has over ten years of experience as a humanitarian and development practitioner throughout Africa and the Middle East, and she continues to engage in annual consultancies. Garrity received her M.A. in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania (2018) and her B.A. in International Studies from Macalester College (2008).