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PDRI-DevLab Fall 2022 Seminar Series: Enrique Fatas

The Penn Development Research Initiative and DevLab@Penn are hosting a Fall 2022 seminar series featuring PDRI & DevLab faculty and fellows.

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Enrique Fatas

Enrique Fatas is a behavioral scientist with an Economics background and tons of academic curiosity. He has studied Globalization and cooperation (published at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, with Nancy R. Buchan, Gianluca Grimalda, Rick Wilson, Marilynn Brewer, and Margaret Foddy), how help and commitment take teams out of coordination traps (published at Management Science, with David J Cooper and Jordi Brandts), the role played by trust in governments and science in explaining compliance with public health guidelines during the pandemic (published in PLoS ONE with Cristina Bicchieri and others), and he has closely replicated the Spanish electricity market in the laboratory to study vertical integration (published in Electric Power Systems Research, with Nikolaos Georgantzis). Right now Enrique is busy with the revision of some exciting work. Together with David J Cooper, Antonio J Morales and Shi Qi, he is currently working on “Consistent depth-of-reasoning in level-k models” (R&R at the American Economic Journal-Micro). Together with Catherine C Eckel, Jordi Brandts and Shaun Hargreaves-Heap, he is revising the manuscript “The Democratic Peace. An experimental test of a causal relation and of underlying mechanisms” (R&R at The Economic Journal).

Enrique spends most of my time at the Center for Social Norms and Behavioral Dynamics at the University of Pennsylvania , where he teaches Behavioral Public Policy in the Master of Behavioral Decision Sciences. He is also affiliated with the Penn Development Research Initiative, the School of Business and Economics at ICESI University in Cali (Colombia) and the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics (CeDEx, Nottingham University). Enrique serves as an Associate editor in two excellent journals: Judgement and Decision Making and the Journal of Economic Psychology.